Palmersheim & Mathew LLP specializes in representing clients in complex business disputes—from small matters to bet-the-company litigation—with an unrelenting focus on finding the most efficient path to each client’s desired outcome.
The following are just a few of the practice areas in which we consistently achieve outstanding results. Please contact us to discuss our experience in many other areas of practice.
Alternative dispute resolution (including mediation, arbitration, and other means of resolving disputes outside of a courtroom) can be a cost-effective and preferable approach to resolving many commercial disputes. We understand the pros and cons of alternative dispute resolution and have successfully handled countless cases in which arbitration or meditation was required by contract, ordered by a court, or agreed to by the parties.
Antitrust litigation is often large, complex, and extremely costly. Our extensive experience representing corporate clients equips us to handle these cases with far fewer attorneys and more efficiently than most other firms. In addition to successfully defending clients against claims of price-fixing, monopolization, discriminatory pricing, and other antitrust violations, we have represented corporate clients as plaintiffs in major nationwide antitrust litigation. We also routinely advise clients on relevant regulations and best practices for avoiding antitrust litigation—such as dealing with competitors, agreements with customers and distributors, and compliance with the Robinson-Patman Act.
Our substantial experience taking cases to state and federal appellate courts includes successful outcomes before the U.S. Supreme Court and numerous Courts of Appeal. Clients have called on us to take over appeals after unsatisfactory results at the trial court level and we are skilled at building effective appellate records before cases even reach the appeal stage. In addition, we have handled numerous amicus briefs for clients and parties interested in advocating for policy affecting their business interests.
Representing both plaintiffs and defendants, we have handled a wide range of business disputes (including breach of contract, business fraud, shareholder disputes, real estate litigation, corporate management, debtor-credit relations, partnership disputes, dissolutions, and more) for clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies to family-owned businesses and startups.
When their own careers are on the line, attorneys and other professionals at some of the largest and most prestigious firms in the country turn to us to handle cases on their behalf. We have defended lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, and other professionals against claims of professional malpractice and related matters. Our substantial experience and success in this area sets us apart from other firms, and is one of the most professionally rewarding and satisfying areas of our work.
We represent plaintiffs as well as defendants in trade secret and restrictive covenant disputes, and are well-versed in the critical timing and strategy related aspects of these types of cases. In addition, we represent employers and employees in seeking and defending against temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions, and frequently counsel clients on ways to protect against the loss of confidential information and on threats to trade secrets posed by departing employees.